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This webpage is to be used by NUCAPT users to request specific computer programs, services, training, etc.

Stump Rick 2007-09-24

  • Server
    • RAID drive replacement
    • Imaging boot drive
  • Backup
    • AMANDA
      • Setting up a client
    • rsync
      • Setting up a client
      • Checking logs

* Workstations

    • One-click update checker
    • One-click adware/spyware scan
    • Assign someone responsible for doing this once a month or so (Praneet?)
  • Web
    • RSS for wiki
    • Double-check refbase-svn on Matt's computer

Imago Machines

This will be done with Dieter Isheim

  • Make sure that Dieter knows the three MySQL passwords
  • Auto-logout of network server (if we ever figure out how)
  • LCC Computer#To Do

Analysis Machines

Assign maintenance person -> Praneet ?

  • CAIN--Play with BIOS to get 2 more GB of RAM recognized (low priority--we hardly use all the ram that is currently recognized)

Arc (Server)

This will be done with Dieter Isheim and Matt Krug

  • Script to check root mail as nonroot user
  • Health monitoring of second RAID array
  • portaudit by email (?)
  • jails/chroot (??)
  • LDAP-authentication for wiki (???)
  • NTP


This will be done with Dieter Isheim. All are very low priority due to how little the Macs are used & given that current alternatives (manually storing things on ARC, manually running the billing script, and duplicating local accounts) work.

  • Fix AMANDA to run when stalled
  • Automate billing
  • Fix domain-based login

Literature Database

This will be done with Matt Krug

Web Page

To be done by Praneet Adusumilli.