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I recently learned this was one of the top ten pages on this site. While I welcome the attention this generates for these great F/OSS projects, I encourage you to learn more about the research of Seidman Group and NUCAPT by using the links on the left.

I have benefited from a lot of free and open source software. I have contributed money and code and support to many of the best. This page, started Jan 2005, will record some of the projects I've contributed actual out-of-pocket money to. I may later attempt to update this to include projects that I have donated time and effort to.

Per a few requests, I have also included links to the projects, a brief description, and good books which you can buy regarding the software. The last of these uses an Amazon Associates referral. All proceeds from this account are immediately donated to the projects below. To date, $171.25 has been given to these projects because of referral click-throughs. Donations made through my sourceforge page will also go to open source projects. To date, I've received $10 from a kind but anonymous donor through this page.

If you know how I might donate money to some of the projects which I don't know how to, can think of a good reference to include in the table, or if you think another project deserves my support, please drop me a note at donatetofoss@gmail.com.

Projects I've Donated Money To

Project Description Donatations Accepted References
abiword Word Processor PayPal
apache Web server PayPal, check Apache: Definitive Guide

Apache Cookbook

Hardening Apache

Apache Essentials

Pro Apache

AWStats Web statistics PayPal
LaTeX Beamer Class Prentations in LaTeX PayPal
Creative Commons Better copyright PayPal, check, stock, Amazon honor Free Culture

The Future of Ideas

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace

Copyrights and Copywrongs

Digital Copyrights

Electronic Frontier Foundation Credit Card
FileZilla FTP client PayPal
FileZilla Server FTP server PayPal
Fluxbox A windowmanager PayPal
FreeBSD Operating System financial, hardware The Complete FreeBSD



The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System

Gentoo GNU/Linux OS PayPal Linux in a Nutshell

Linux Pocket Guide

Running Linux

How Linux Works

GnuCash Accounting PayPal
GNUPod iPod software in Perl PayPal iPod Shuffle
iPod Shuffle Database Builder Rund on the Shuffle! PayPal
IT Conversations Informative audio PayPal
JabRef BibTeX tool PayPal The BIBTeX preprocessor
mailman Mailing list PayPal
monit System monitoring PayPal
Mozilla Browser, Email, Calendar, etc. PayPal, check, e-gold Firefox hacks

Rapid Application Development with Mozilla

Creating Applications with Mozilla

mrxvt xterm PayPal
OpenOffice.org Office Suite PayPal OO.o for Dummies

OpenOffice.org Writer

OO.o Resource Kit


Teach Yourself OO.org

Open Source Lab Project hosting Credit Card, Hardware
OpenSSH Secure Shell Checks, Credit card, PayPal, hardware OpenSSH: A Survival Guide

SSH: The Definitive Guide

Implementing SSH

PuTTY SSH client PayPal, egold
PHP iCalendar Web iCal calendar PayPal
Python Programming Language Check, Amex, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal Learning Python

Dive into Python

Python in a Nutshell

Python Cookbook

Programming Python

refbase Web literature database PayPal
Samba SMB file sharing PayPal,check Using Samba

Samba-3 By Example

Official Samba-3 HOWTO

Definitive Guide to Samba

Samba Unleashed

SourceForge.net Development website PayPal
Subversion Version control Amazon gift, PayPal Version Control with Subversion

Pragmatic Version Control: Using Subversion

Practical Subversion

Subversion Version Control: Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects

Synergy KM Switch PayPal
Thunderbird Email client PayPal
Ultr@VNC Remote control for windows PayPal
Vim Text editor PayPal, Bank Transfer, Wester Union, Cash[1] VI iMproved

Learning the vi Editor

vi Editor Pocket Reference


  • InkScape (see below)
  • TeX (through TUG)[2]


  1. I made my second donation on 2007-05-19 and didn't receive a key until 2007-06-05 (a week after I sent an email follow-up). Donation to this great product is still strongly encouraged, but I thought a warning of patience was needed in case people were concerned about being able to vote for new features and brag about their donation. Hopefully, this means Bram's freetime is being spent improving vim instead of dealing with administration.
  2. In 2007, donations will be matched!

Projects I'd Donate Money To If I Could Figure Out How

Project Description References
ELinks Text web browser
gftp FTP client
GPG Encryption PGP

The Computer Privacy Handbook

PGP: Source Code and Internals

The Official PGP User's Guide

IDEALX (smbldap) SAMBA + LDAP scripts, howto
ipython Python shell
LaTeX2rtf Convert LaTeX to RTF
MediaWiki Wiki software The Wiki Way
mplayer Video player
MySQL Database MySQL

High Performance MySQL

MySQL Cookbook

The Definitive Guide to MySQL

scipy Python Libraries
X.Org X11 Windowing System X Window System User's Guide

X Protocol Reference Manual

Xlib Programming Manual

Projects I Will Eventually Donate Money To

Project Description Donatations Accepted References
Audacity Audio editor PayPal
Free Software Foundation Credit card, PayPal, check Free as in Freedom

Free Software, Free Society

Open Sources

Electronic Privacy Information Center PayPal, Network for Good
Firefox Portable Browser for USB stick PayPal
Inkscape Vector Graphics PayPal
PortableApps Suite Launcher, programs for USB sticks PayPal
Thunderbird Portable E-mail for USB stick PayPal
xine Media player By arrangement
VLC Media player [1]

Will look up & add

  • evince
  • GIMP
  • Grace
  • tex4ht
  • imagemagick
  • groklaw (donation on 2008-Sept-28)

Requests for financial support

Project Description Donatations Accepted Notes
KbFX KDE Menu by arrangement broken PC (P2 360MHz) & need to replace (in Sri Lanka)