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We received a new LCC computer.


  • Installed putty
  • Installed Symantec Antivirus
  • Removed "Leap Control Center" from startup folder for "all users"
  • Fixed monitor resolutions
  • Switched primary/secondary monitor for LCC_user (Desktop->Properties->Display)
  • Setup Sharing
    • Enable guest access, as in 2007-05
    • Turn off simple file sharing
    • Enable "Everyone" read access
  • Altered MySQL accounts:
    • Gave 'root@localhost' a password
    • Created '' with select/update/insert/delete on specimendb
    • Created '' with select(goodhits,experimentdate) on specimendb.experiments
    • Removed remote 'root@%' access
      • The default was to allow 'root' from anywhere with no password & for the windows firewall to allow remote access to MySQL from anywhere. This is reckless. We should have Imago change this.
  • RAID array had a dead disk (Mark rebuilt the array)
  • Copied files from old LCC
    • Logs
    • /cygdrive/c/Progra~1/Imagos~1/.AMANDA.exclude
  • Changed restrictions on LCC_User (including enabling access to "all users" Desktop/Start Menu with Shared Computer Toolkit [1]
  • Installed drive
    • Remapped & copied RHIT/RRAW data to new drive

To Do

  • Configure windows updates
  • Test AMANDA
    • Take out memory (?)
  • Any way to monitor health of disks through the RAID interface?
  • Other third party software
    • FileZilla
    • Firewall
  • Software updates
    • Adobe
  • Are we content that SnagIt's benefits (video, official Imago installation) outweigh the cons?
    • No ability to use active window title in automatic filename
      • "Unfortunately no, it does not do this. If you are looking to do many capturs and saves, you can set SnagIt up for 'file' output and make some options changes to automatically update the name of your captures and what file they go to, so this could perhaps be a viable workaround for you, but to answer your base question - this is not something SnagIt supports at this time."
    • Ability to work with fast-user switching?
    • Sometimes announces that it can't take screenshots (need to write down exact error)
  •  ? Setup to allow multiple simultaneous rdekstop/local users (as we did last time)?


On May 13th, the LCC suffered a hard disk failure. Backup#Notes_on_Disaster_Recovery describes the data recovery process in general terms. This page describes some modifications to the LCC after we got a fresh install from Imago. Others are detailed in the instrument log.


  • Set Computer name and workgroup
  • Set static IP address
  • Re-enable file sharing (we'll stop it outside of NU with a firewall):
    • CMD
      • net user guest /active:yes
    • Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Security Policy
      • Access this computer from the network: add guest
      • Network access:Sharing and security model... -> Guest only
      • Deny access to this computer from the network-> check Guest is not here
  • Create and share data and screenshots directories


  • Imported backup of database
  • Manually INSERTed rows corresponding to runs that had been made, but weren't in our database backup
  • Set our user/pass in ISDB and selected our instrument name
  • Setup nightly database backup

Third Party Software

We also updated and Windows

Also Done

  • Finish archiving RHIT/RRAW using 7-zip & finish transferring to ARC
  • Configure firewall
  • Check nightly database backup
  • VPN

Might have done

  • Disable printer sharing
  • Defrag
  • Install printer

Decided not to do

  • Anti-Spyware