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Subversion is F/OSS for revision control. NUCAPT users are able to create and work with subversion repositories which are hosted on ARC. The preferred method for repositories is svn+ssh, but NUCAPT also hosts some DAV repositories (in particular, for scheduling). Users who wish to share repositories can contact Rick.


There are a number of subversion clients. NUCAPT doesn't endorse or support any, but below are the clients which have been used with our server.


TortoiseSVN has a graphical (and easy-to-use) interface.


Official client

There are binaries of the official Subversion client. Although it is command line based, it is very stable & featureful & recommended.


SCPlugin integrates into the OS X finder. It requires the official client to be installed. To install:

  1. Install the official Subversion client
  2. Download and unzip the latest SCPlugin binary
    1. copy SCFinderPlugin.plugin to ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items/
    2. Launch a Terminal and type:
      1. defaults write org.tigris. SCPlugin svn_executable /usr/local/bin/svn
    3. Restart Finder
    4. Click "Open", click on the desktop. Choose "Go -> Go to Folder..." from the menu bar. Type "/usr/local/bin". Open "svn."
  3. Install SSHKeychain
    1. Preferences
      1. Open the Environment tab -> Enable "Manage global environment variables".
      2. Keys->Generate a new key (name it something like "NUCAPT-subversion" & provide a password)
    2. Copy your new public key into the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. If you don't already have an authorized_keys file, just copy your local ~/.ssh/ to a new file on ARC: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    3. Set it to start on login:
      1. Tiger: Login Items are specified in the System Preferences > Account > (select account) > Login Items tab.
      2. Panther: Startup Items are specified in the System Preferences > Account > (select account) > Startup Items tab.
      3. Jaguar: Login Items for an account are specified in the System Preferences > Login Items preferences pane when logged-in to that account.


svnX is a stand-alone OS X GUI. It in not as integrated as SCPlugin, but it might be more mature.


We have Linux and FreeBSD users who use the official command line clients.