Yeongcheol Kim

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Yeongcheol Kim
You can see the inventor of atom probe in a blur.
Research: Semiconducting materials
Proton conductors
Education: Ph.D., Northwestern University
B.S., Seoul National University
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Prof. Yeongcheol Kim
Materials Engineering
1800 Chungjeollo
Cheonan, Chungnam 330-708, South Korea
Phone: +82.41.560.1326
Fax: +82.41.560.1360

Presently (2008.09-)

I am back to my country. I study atomic layer deposition and fuel cell materials using VASP code

Sabatical leave at Northwestern University (2006.09-2007.08)

Hello, I am a visiting scholar from South Korea where I am a professor in Korea University of Technology and Education. I got my Ph. D. from this group in 1996.

I try to study semiconducing materials using this exciting LEAP tomography. Currently I work on nickel silicide, a next generation gate electrode in MOS device, mainly working on the effect of pladium addition on its thermal stability.