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==To Backup==
==To Backup==
Adam (needs static IP)

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We use amanda to backup machines to the network on Mon-Thurs evening.

If you are responsible for a machine in "Possibly To Backup", please move it to "To Backup" or "Don't Backup." If you have a machine which isn't on the list, feel free to add it.

To speed the process of getting everyone backed up, you can start setting yourself up & send me a note when you get stuck. I will help people as they request my help, with preference for desktops with important data & for which people have started the process.

Setup Instructions

Everyone should figure out what they want backed up. Backing up data is very important. Backing up applications is probably a waste of time and tape, as they can usually be reinstalled easily & cleanly from scratch.

Workstations/Desktops/Servers with Linux, Windows, or OS X

IP Address

Request a static IP address from Mark Seinw if you don't already have one. It will make locating your machine on the network MUCH easier. In the event he doesn't have any available, please use dyndnds to at least have a named address which the backup server will always be able to use to locate your machine.

AMANDA client

If you have a windows machine, follow the Cygwin instructions. If you have an OS X machine, follow the Mac OS X instructions. In either case, you will have to allow amanda through your software firewall.


After the client has been installed, I will add the domain name and/or IP address of your computer & test your client. If all goes smoothly, you won't need to do anything else: it will quietly back up your machine Mon-Thurs evening.

Laptops or OS 9 Machines

These are more of a headache, as they are most likely on dynamic IP and/or a native backup client won't work. It is also a problem that they won't be on the network at midnight when the other machines are backed up & choosing another time when they are all on and unused is difficult. I therefore recommend backing up your data to one of the servers which are backed up. You can do this manually or I can help you create a script to do it periodically (if your laptop is typically on the network & unused whenever you have lunch for example).

Computers Being Backed Up

Computer's Name IP Address Method Directories Notes
ABEL Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings
ARC Native /etc







CAIN Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings
CARR Native /etc



CRUNCHER Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings
DAVIDDUNAND Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings

C:\Program Files\Qualcomm

EVE Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings
HOTMETALS Cygwin E:\ftp


C:\Program Files\Apache\web

INFILTRATOR Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings
ISAIAH Native /etc




JOB Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings
LEAP Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings


SONDE Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings


STOLKARTS Native /etc



To Backup

Adam (needs static IP)



Don't Backup

Possibly To Backup

afmstmhp APFim Chimera Chronos Dieter Grain Gunier Jane macplus Megabass Monte Muller Roulette Salamanca Sapporo SGI Tortilla Zugang