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We use amanda to backup machines to the network on Mon-Thurs evening. To speed the process of getting everyone backed up, you can set yourself up for backup & send me the information.

Setup Instructions

If you have a dynamic IP address, you should use SMB (Windows file sharing). If you have a static IP address, you should use the cygwin or native client, depending on your OS.


Simply create a new user (WITH A PASSWORD!!!) which has Administrative priviliedges. Share the folders you want backed up & allow only this new user to access these shares over the network. Send me the username, share name(s), and password.

Cygwin or Native clients

Cygwin instructions Mac OS X instructions

Non-AMANDA Backups

MS Backup or other programs will usually let you choose to backup to a single file, which you can store on a machine which is already backed up (e.g. put it on the FTP/SFTP/SMB server).

Computers Being Backed Up

Computer's Name IP Address Method Directories Notes
ARC Native /etc






CAIN Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings BROKEN
CRUNCHER SMB C:\Documents and Settings Goto Cygwin
DAVIDDUNAND Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings

C:\Program Files\Qualcomm

EVE Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings


C:\Program Files\Apache\web

Goto Cygwin
INFILTRATOR SMB C:\Documents and Settings Goto Cygwin
ISAIAH Native /etc




LEAP Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings


SONDE Cygwin C:\Documents and Settings



To Backup

ABEL JOB Muller Gunier APFim Carr Zugang Grain Stolkarts SGI macplus afmstmhp Monte Salamanca Mercury Roulette Tortilla Dieter Sapporo Chimera Megabass Chronos Jane