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*Married to Shoshanah
*Married to Shoshanah
*Proud father of three sons and grandfather of Jonah Seidman
*Proud father of three sons and grandfather of Jonah Seidman
*Ariel works for [http://www.yahoo.com Yahoo] in their search group and is the father of Jonah
*Ariel is married to Ilana, works for Yahoo in their search group, and is the father of Jonah
*Elie and Eytan are the co-founders of [http://www.oyster.com Oyster Hotel Reviews] where you can see<BR> [http://www.oyster.com tens of thousands of undoctored hotel photos and the world's most comprehensive, professional hotel reviews]
*Elie and Eytan are the co-founders of Oyster.com, a startup website where you can see<BR> tens of thousands of undoctored hotel photos and the world's most in-depth professional hotel reviews on the web or off.
*Elie has loved photography, and [http://www.oyster.com/about/story/ entrepreneurship] since he was a teenager - here is a great photo he took <BR>of the [http://www.oyster.com/miami/hotels/mondrian-south-beach/photos/pool-mondrian-south-beach-v250472/ Mondrian Hotel South Beach Miami] and another beautiful night photo of the famous [http://www.oyster.com/miami/hotels/fontainebleau-resort-miami-beach/photos/grounds-fontainebleau-resort-miami-beach-v112404/ Fontainbleau Resort Miami Beach]<BR>In the course of his work as the CEO of Oyster, he's also stayed at the [http://www.oyster.com/miami/hotels/the-setai/ The Setai Hotel, South Beach, Miami]<BR> and says it's incredibly beautiful though pricey.
*Elie has loved photography, and entrepreneurship since he was a teenager - he's taken some of the photos of<BR> on the site including the cover photo of the [http://www.oyster.com/miami/hotels/fontainebleau-resort-miami-beach/ Fontainebleau Hotel Miami] and various photos of the [http://www.oyster.com/miami/hotels/delano-hotel/ Delano Hotel Miami]<BR>
*Eytan and Elie live in Manhattan so of course they've also covered the [http://www.oyster.com/new-york-city/hotels/ New York City Hotels] and my personal favorite for my, now frequent, trips to New York the [http://www.oyster.com/new-york-city/hotels/on-the-ave/ On The Ave Hotel] a [http://www.oyster.com/new-york-city/areas/upper-west-side/ Hotel Upper West Side].<BR>
*If you happen to have a conference in Las Vegas coming, their reviews of [http://www.oyster.com/las-vegas/hotels/ Las Vegas hotels] are here including Elie's favorite hotel in Las Vegas, the [http://www.oyster.com/las-vegas/hotels/wynn-las-vegas/ Wynn Las Vegas].<BR>
*A few dream hotels in their recently launched coverage of [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/ Hawaii Hotels] which includes coverage of [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/areas/maui/hotels/ Maui Hotels], [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/areas/kauai/hotels/ Kauai Hotels] and [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/areas/oahu/hotels/ Waikiki Hotels] are [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/four-seasons-maui/ Four Seasons Maui] and the [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/koa-kea-resort-hotel-at-poipu-beach/ Koa Kea Hotel] which is a beautiful hotel on Kauai. The [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/sheraton-waikiki/ Sheraton Waikiki] is a centrally located hotel minutes from the Honolulu airport.<BR>
* A few other favorites include: [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/aqua-waikiki-wave/ Aqua Waikiki Wave], [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/the-kahala-hotel-and-resort/ Kahala Hotel and Resort], [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/grand-wailea-resort-hotel-and-spa/ Grand Wailea Resort Maui], [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/whalers-cove/ Whalers Cove Kauai], [http://www.oyster.com/new-york-city/hotels/the-maritime-hotel/ The Maritime Hotel Chelsea New York City Hotel Review], [http://www.oyster.com/miami/hotels/waldorf-towers-hotel/ Waldorf Towers Hotel Midtown East New York City Hotel Review], [http://www.oyster.com/new-york-city/hotels/radisson-martinique-on-broadway/ Radisson Martinique on Broadway Times Square and Midtown West New York City Hotel Review] and [http://www.oyster.com/hawaii/hotels/the-fairmont-kea-lani-maui/ Fairmont Kea Lani]<BR>
*They recently added coverage of [http://www.oyster.com/los-angeles/hotels/ Los Angeles Hotels]

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David Seidman
Research: Research
Education: B.S., Physical Metallurgy and Physics
New York University

M.S., Physical Metallurgy
New York University

Ph.D., Physical Metallurgy (major) and Physics (minor)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Publications: Publications by Seidman in our database


Professor David Seidman
Materials Science and Engineering
2220 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847.491.4391
Fax: 847.467.2269

Current Positions

  • Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Member of the National Science Foundation Funded Materials Research Center

Professional Societies

  • American Physical Society, Division of Condensed Matter Physics, Fellow
  • TMS (Minerals•Metals•Materials), Fellow
  • ASM International, Fellow
  • Alexander von Humboldt Association of America
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Ceramic Society
  • Böhmische Physical Society
  • Materials Research Society
  • Microscopy Society of America
  • International Field Emission Society


The reference database contains a subset of my publications, all of which can be downloaded.