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== CV with Publications ==
== CV with Publications ==
== Honors and Awards ==
== Honors and Awards ==

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Georges P. Martin
Education: Docteur es Sciences Physiques(Orsay)

M.S. in Solid-State Physics(Orsay)

M.S. in Nuclear Metallurgy(Orsay-Saclay)

Ingénieur Civil des Mines(École des Mines de Paris)

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Dr. Georges Martin

Dr. Georges P. Martin, is a French physical metallurgist, who was educated as an engineer (École des Mines de Paris) and later as a research scientist (solid-state physics with Prof. Jacques Friedel, Orsay). Dr. Martin spent the majority of his career at the Nuclear Research Center in Saclay (French Atomic Energy Commission), first as a research scientist and later as director of the Physical Metallurgy Service. Dr. Martin was also the director of a CNRS research center in physical metallurgy (CECM – Vitry-sur-Seine), and has spent extended periods of time in academic institutions abroad (U.S.A., Germany, Italy). Dr. Martin’s research is mainly devoted to the basic science of nuclear materials and to solid-state diffusion and kinetics, based on experimental, theoretical, and computer-simulation activities. He introduced the completely novel concept of “Driven Alloy,” alloys maintained in dynamical states by external forcing, such as irradiation or sustained plastic shearing and of “dynamical-equilibrium phase diagrams”; together with his coworkers, he determined experimentally some of these, both under irradiation and ball-milling. Dr. Martin also developed the theory and simulation of Driven Alloys, with practical applications in nuclear metallurgy (irradiation driven phase-transformations), in materials processing (mechanical alloying), and in wear. This extended piece of research is summarized in a long article in Solid State Physics, 50 (1996) 189-331. As the head of the Physical Metallurgy Service at Saclay, he emphasized and promoted multiscale materials modeling, in particular for nuclear applications and initiated the transfer of a portion of that skill set to Électricité de France (EDF) Research and Development Center at Renardières. Dr. Martin has published more than 200 peer reviewed articles in the archival literature and trained 18 Ph.D. students. He co-organized, contributed to, and edited several summer schools in France and abroad (for example, “Non-linear Phenomena in Materials Science” I-III) and was an invited speaker at many conferences, among which are six Gordon conferences on physical metallurgy. Dr. Martin served in various industrial and academic scientific advisory committees, among which are: (1) Scientific advisor for the Haut Commissaire à l’Énergie Atomique (2002-2010); (2) Scientific advisor for Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf (2000-2005); (3) Scientific advisor for former Usinor then Arcelor and now Arcelor Mittal steel industry (1998-2004); (4) Scientific advisor for former Pechiney aluminum industry (1989-1991); (5) Organized several multi-annual joint research programs (“CPR”) between CNRS, industrial, and academic institutions: the last of which (on oxide dispersed steels) is starting at the end of 2011. Dr. Martin has been the main- or co-editor of several summer schools and accompanying books; associate editor of Progress in Materials Science (Pergamon Press, 1987-1995); associate editor of Applied Physics Letters (1997-2000), and of Materials Science Forum (1997-2002). Dr. Georges Martin is a Member of Academia Europea (section: Physics and Engineering, 1998) and Knight of Ordre National du Mérite (1998). Among other awards, Dr. Martin received an Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung Prize, the Great Medal of the French Society for Metals and Materials (SF2M), an “Eshbach visiting Scholar” (Northwestern University), and the First Rhine-Rhur International Materials Award 2005. Dr. Martin is a member of Société Française de Physique and European Physical Society; French Society for Metals and Materials; Materials Research Society; TMS (Minerals•Metals•Materials); and The Institute of Metals (through 2002).

CV with Publications


Honors and Awards

  • 1985 Alexander Von Humboldt Stiftung Prize
  • 1992 Prize from Académie des Sciences
  • 1997 Portevin Medal (French Society for Metals and Materials)
  • 1998 Knight of “Ordre National du Mérite”
  • 1998 Member of Academia Europea (section: Physics and Engineering)
  • 2001 Great Medal of French Society for Metals and Materials
  • 2002 Eshbach visiting Scholar (Northwestern University)
  • 2005 First Rhine-Rhur International Materials Award, 2005
  • 2006 Eshbach visiting Scholar (Northwestern University)

Professional Societies

  • Société Française de Physique
  • European Physical Society
  • Société Française de Métallurgie et Matériaux (SF2M)
  • The Institute of Metals (up to 2002)
  • Materials Research Society
  • TMS (Minerals•Metals•Materials)