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Apex a22, showing a 1D cylinder composition profile
Maintainer Imago
Latest release: 3.0 / 2006
OS: Windows (2.x unofficial on Mac OS X)
Genre: Atom-Probe Tomographic Analysis
License: Rent from NUCAPT
Website: none

IVAS (Imago Visualization and Analysis Software) is a commercial and proprietary Java application by Imago. It runs on all of the NUCAPT PCs and Macs, which are available for local or remote access. It can be rented from NUCAPT.

System Requirements

  • An x86 PC running Windows (other platforms are unofficial)
  • An Nvidia graphics card (running ForceWare 91.36 or newer) is strongly recommended.
  • Large or multiple monitors and plenty of RAM are also recommended.

The specifications for NUCAPT's workstations are described on our computers page.


  • Proxigram
  • Envelope method/precipitate analysis
  • Roughness/interface analysis
  • Imports:
    • .pos (standard for many atom-probe groups)
    • .rhit (generated by the LEAP)
  • Exports:
    • .pos
  • Manipulation via
    • GUI
    • Jython

Feedback and Notes

Rick has a page of IVAS screencasts. NUCAPT users are invited to provide feedback on IVAS.