IVAS Feedback/2.3/Meeting

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Feature Requests

Top Priority

  • Proxigram
  • Error bars (using counting statistics)

Medium Priority

  • Segmented POS export (separate POS files for each precipitate defined by the envelope method, an ellipsoid, or the isosurface)
  • Easier method to use the contents of the 1D cylinder, precipitate analysis ellipsoids, and isosurface. In particular:
    • Cut out a new POS file (or files in the case of segmented export) from any of these (Thanks for the ROI-export of the cylinder!)
    • Run a ladder diagram along the 1D cylinder
    • etc.
  • In LCC:
    • Make loadlock turbo pump settings only adjustable by an admin.
    • Move display of golden/multi/partial/bad into DaVIS.

Low Priority

  • Allow windows installations to use the system JVM & particularly the system Java3D library
  • Export atoms and surfaces to a file format suitable for ray tracing
  • Allow user to choose parameters to display the bounding box and scale bars (eg. color and line width of bounding box and position of scale bars so that they are not "backwards" when data set is rotated).


  • Screenshots
    • have a strange clipping plane
    • sometimes don't work
  • Movies don't work


  • Delocalization vs. smoothing of grid/atoms.