IVAS Feedback/3.0a3

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Feature Requests

  • Use ROI to do 1D concentration profile. When changing the selected area, can the profile change automatically?
  • Be able to view and manipulate mass ranges greater than 250 amu while viewing a completed reconstruction. Also to be able to export masses greater than 250 amu to a .csv file. D. Perea_07-26-06
  • Be able to change the bounding box colors and line widths so that they become more visible in an exported image. D. Perea_07-26-06

Bug Reports

  • Whenever I try to display all of the Fe ions in my data set, which is ~6.5M, IVAS just exits.
  • When I try to range something as a multi-ion molecule and push "apply", the "ok" button becomes grayed out. Subsequently, when i try to change the ion type by right clicking on the range, the multi-ion range is grayed out in that list also.
  • It likes to crash.
  • It had problems opening one of my larger runs (50M+ atoms). Only a portion of of the tip showed up in the reconstruction initially and then only the solute atoms showed up for the remainder of the tip after a few minutes. The Details tab gave an atom count of 5 million atoms instead of 50 million.
  • There seems to be a problem with creating an isosurface. When going trough the dialogs, IVAS simply would not do anything after adjusting the slider bar for the concentration threshold and then crash, requiring a force quit.
    • This isn't exactly the case. It has a properties dialogue that doesn't receive focus. You have to alt-tab to it & click apply. (This, of course, is a bug itself though). --Rick 14:31, 22 May 2006 (CDT)
    • But this happened again to me today, with a different dataset (20M atoms): In the analysis pane I clicked on 3D Grid, make new isosurface. First, the element dialog pops up, Checking an element and applying brings up the isosurface properties dialog. I can't change the slider bar, enter a number or click any of the buttons, not even click the dialogue box away. I ended up force-quiting a3 again. Forgot to try alt-tabbing around, though, to see if anything miraculously would happen -- Dieter 22:56, 24 May 2006 (CDT)
  • When changing grid spacing ('L') and delocalization distance ('dd') at the same time, it will do only the grid spacing and reset 'dd' to the previous value
  • "New RHIT analysis" doesn't work
  • When making a new range, the apply grays out both OK and apply--this is a bad interface.
  • WRONG ISOTOPE MASS: Ge(76) should have a mass of 75.92. IVAS is showing 74.92. D. Perea_07-26-06