Imago 2006 Meeting

From Northwestern University Center for Atom-Probe Tomography
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10-12 Laser Pulsing Applications

Keith (AlScZr, voltage vs. laser)

Danny (InAs)

Mike (Steels, ?particulary Carbides?)

Prakash (voltage pulsing in pole region)

1-2:30 IVAS

"Imagine a stegosaurus wearing rocket powered roller skates, & you'll get a fair idea of IVAS 3.0's elegance, stability & ease of crash recovery."

Ease of Use

Broken Save Dialogue

Remembers Isosurface in reconstruction, but not in ROI table

Brain Dead Isosurface dialogue

  • Apply button doesn't apply; loses focus
  • When changing grid spacing ('L') and delocalization distance ('dd') at the same time, it will do only the grid spacing and reset 'dd' to the previous value


Lots of Atoms

Chantal - Isosurfaces of IVAS vs. Apex

Incremental Improvements (New Features)

  • Use ROI to do 1D concentration profile. When changing the selected area, can the profile change automatically?
  • Be able to view and manipulate mass ranges greater than 250 amu while viewing a completed reconstruction. Also to be able to export masses greater than 250 amu to a .csv file.
  • Be able to change the bounding box colors and line widths so that they become more visible in an exported image.
  • WRONG ISOTOPE MASS: Ge(76) should have a mass of 75.92. IVAS is showing 74.92. D. Perea_07-26-06

Major New Capability Suggestions


2:30-3:30 Hardware

Performance Gaps

Collection Rate?

Ease of use improvements

Measurement Performance Improvements

New Capability Suggestions

3:30-4:30 Instrument Control Software

Ease of Use

Incremental Improvements (New Features)


  • Allow configuration to work for All Users
  • Allow using domain names & not just numerical IP addresses

Major New Capability Suggestions

Offload logging onto LSS so that LCC can be closed