Imago Software Meeting

From Northwestern University Center for Atom-Probe Tomography
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  • Complex Ions
    • Example sets: Jason, Danny, Dieter, Marsha
    • APEX vs IVAS
    • Visualization
    • Generalized element, ion, and backgroud window naming
  • Define material specific standard colors (Dieter)
  • Export movies natively or with scripts
    • manipulate view with script
    • save image/movie
  • Documentation (Rick)
    • API for building python scripts
    • Python scripts
    • Example of what scripts we want to make
  • Error bars in concentration
  • Interface
    • Selection/clipping (Dieter)
      • Non-orthogonal clipping (Kevin)
      • Intelligent selection (Dieter)
    • Save a view & return to it (Dieter)
  • Better and more transparent control of where POS files & other files are stored (Rick)
  • Reconstruction
    • Calbiration/Reconstruction export image (Dieter, Danny)
    • Viewing entire data set during reconstruction
  • Proxigram (Chantal)
  • Isosurface improvements (Chantal)
    • Noise reduction
    • Sampling threshold
    • Statistics and Transfer function
    • Changing voxel size only effects the top isosurface (Dieter)
  • Mass Spectra (Danny)
    • Scale (set ticks)
    • Coordinates (as in old version)
    • Export improvements (bin size)
    • Improved slider (a'la root)
    • ROOT in IVAS thresholding
  • Minor points
    • Point size -> Decimals don't work (Dieter)
    • Save analysis script wiht POS (Jason)
    • Export details tab info to text file
    • Details tab for selection
    • Truncation when bounding box is off
    • More image export improvements (Jason)
    • Reset LSS Button (Dieter)
  • Best way to report bugs/request features (Rick)