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[[Image:|none|280px|Jiantang Jiang]]

Education: Ph.D. 2008, Harbin Institute of Technology
B.E. 2002, Harbin Institute of Technology
Publications: Publications by Jiang in our database


Dr. Jian-Tang Jiang
NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Road, M/S 49-3
Cleveland, OH 44135 USA
Phone: 847.868.4375
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I am now doing visiting research in the MSE Department, Northwestern University. Here I concerned on the microstructure evolution in Al alloys at atom scale with the using of 3d-APT.

Research Interests

  • Microstructure tailoring and performance control in Al alloys
  • Deformation and fracture behavior of Al alloys
  • Microstructure- performance correlation in EM functional materials and light alloys
  • Design and synthesis of EM functional materials

Research Experience

2012.11~present Visiting Scholar Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University Al Alloy
2008.12~present Researcher Assistant School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology Al Alloy Electromagnetic Materials
2009.4 ~ present Postdoctoral School of Academy, Harbin Institute of Technology Electromagnetic Materials
2002.9~2008.12 Postgraduate School of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology Al Alloy Electromagnetic Materials

Honors and Awards

  • The 9th batch of excellent PhD thesis (in progress) of Harbin Institute, 2007.
  • Guanghua Scholarship, 2003.

Selected Publications

1. (1) Jiang, J.T., Tang, Q.J., Yang, L., Zhen, L., Shao, W.Z. A novel non-isothermal aging process of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu aluminum alloys, prepared, to be submitted to Scripta Materialia.
2. (2) Chen, J.F., Zhen, L., Jiang, J.T., Yang, L., Shao, W.Z., Zhang, B.Y., Microstructures and mechanical properties of age-formed 7050 alloy, Materials Science and Engineering A 2012, 539: 115-123
3. (3) Wang, S.S., Jiang, J.T., Zhang, K., Chen, J.Z., Zhen, L., Microstructure evolution and tensile property of Al-4.35Cu-1.53Mg alloy during creep age forming process, The 13th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys (ICAA-13), June 3-7, 2012, Pittsburg, PA, USA
4. (4) Jiang, J.T., Wei X.J., Xu C.Y., Zhou Z.X., Zhen, L., Co/SiO2 composite particles with high electromagnetic wave absorbing performance and weather resistance, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, in press.
5. (5) Fu, L.S., Jiang, J.T., Zhen, L., Shao, W.Z., Microwave absorption properties and infrared emissivity of FeNi3/indium tin oxide (ITO) composite nanoparticles, Materials Science and Engineering B 2013, in press.
6. (6) Jiang, J.T., Zhen, L., Xu, C.Y., Zhou, Z.X., Preparation, microstructure, and electromagnetic properties of Al18B4O33w/CoxFeyBz composite powders, Surface and Coating Technology 2012, 212: 14-19
7. (7) Jiang, J.T., Zhen, L., Shao, W.Z., Zhou, Z.X., Effect of microstructure on the electromagnetic properties of Al18B4O33w/Co and Al18B4O33w/FeCo composite particles, Journal of Applied Physics 2012, 112: 051537
8. (8) Fu, L.S., Jiang, J.T., Xu, C.Y., Zhen, L., Synthesis of hexagonal Fe microflakes with excellent microwave absorption performance, CrystEngComm 2012, 14: 6827-6832
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10. (10) Wei, X.J., Jiang, J.T., Zhen, L., Gong, Y.X., Shao, W.Z., Xu, C.Y., Synthesis and electromagnetic properties of Fe/SiO2 composite particles, Materials Letters 2010, 64: 57-60
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12. (12) Jiang, J.T., Zhen, L., Wei, X.J., Gong, Y.X., Shao, W.Z., Xu, C.Y., He, K., Permeability calculation in composite media with low filler concentration: A new method of effective media theory application, Journal of Applied Physics 2009, 105: 07A526
13. (13) Zhen, L., Jiang, J.T., Gao, R.S., Xu, C.Y., Shao, W.Z., Microstructure evolution and electromagnetic properties improvement of the Al18B4O33w/Co composite particles through heat-treatment, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 2009, 321: 1290-1294