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Laser shut down and start (as of May 12, 2006)

Laser On-Off Policy

Since the laser diodes have a limited lifetime (1000h guaranteed), the laser is to be shut down by the last laser user of the day, in particular over night and over the weekends. This is done by pressing the 'stop' Laser Head button in the 'Instrument admin' tab of the LCC, select device 'Laser'. Alternatively, the "power saver button" in LCC->system schematic (->more) can be used to turn off the laser, the chamber light, and the stage controller at once. The power saver is also used by the built-in timer that currently turns on the laser, the stage controller, and the chamber light at 8:00 AM and turns those three components off at 8:00 PM if no run is active.

How to turn the laser back on

  • Laser start procedure: Press the 'start' Laser Head button in LCC->Instrument admin->Laser.The laser currently has three states: "Off" (red), "not calibrated" (yellow), and "calibrated" (green). Start-up takes about 2-3 min and typically includes calibration.
  • To perform a manual laser pulse energy calibration click on the 'calibration' button in LCC->Instrument admin->laser.