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The proprietary/closed source CAMECA ROOT is derived from the free/open source CERN ROOT.

Working with CERN ROOT

Downloading CERN ROOT is free. See documentation in CERN's ROOT manual A minimal example for reading ROOT files is:

TFILE f("./demo.rhit")

This will show the file stores:

CRunHeader CRunHeader;11
CVoltage CVoltage;1
CBowl CBowl;1
CCalibMass CCalibMass;1
TTree nth;10 Leap Hit data
TTree nth;9 Leap Hit data
CHits CHits;10
CEfficiency CEfficiency;10
TBrowser browser;

This opens a file browser, so that you can see the file stores the following in LEAP Hit Data TTrees:

FractureGuard fg/s
TargetErate ErateT/F
VMcpBias Vb/F
VMcpFront Vf/F
Vpa1 Vpa1/F
Vpa2 Vpa2/F
delta delta/S
erate erate/F
hreg hit/S
laserpower lp/F
laserx xl/l
lasery yl/l
laserz zl/l
pulse pulse/F
pulseDelta pulseDelta/S
tof tof/F
tsage tstage/S
voltage vs/F
x x/S
y y/S
z z/i