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== Software Rental ==
Individuals collaborating with [[LEAP|LEAP 3000 Metrology System]] owners may rent [[IVAS]] software. Rental is subject to the following conditions:
* The owner of a [[LEAP|LEAP 3000 Metrology System]] system must identify the end user as a collaborator.
* The commercial transaction is best accomplished by having the [[LEAP|LEAP 3000 Metrology System]] owner place the order for software rental with Imago on behalf of the collaborator.
===Month-to-Month Rental===
* Rental licenses are purchasable in 1-month increments, up to 1 year
* If there is a 1 month or greater lapse in the rental then the rental must be re-started.
* [[IVAS]] will be locked with a data file stamp so that only certain files may be analyzed.
* Training fee waived with minimum 3-month license purchase.
{|border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" align="center"
|First month
|Additional months
|8 hours of end-user training at NU or at Imago corporate headquarters
===Daily Rental===
In addition to these monthly passes, there is an [[IVAS]] Days of Use (I-Pass) rental program.  When the I-Pass (a USB dongle) arrives, it is encoded with the total number of credits purchased and it maintains count of each day the dongle is used until all of the credits are eventually used.
* I-Pass credits will expire and must be used within an 18-month window after the date of delivery.
* Users may launch and exit [[IVAS]] sessions multiple times over the course of a single day’s I-Pass credit without penalty.
* Please note that [[IVAS]] sessions which extend past midnight, into a new calendar date, will be counted as 2 days by I-Pass.
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|1 DAY

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Instrument Use

All rates are hourly and are applied in 0.25 h increments. Rates effective as of March 1, 2007.

NU Sponsored Research (on CUFS) External Projects (not on CUFS)
Instrument Time Technical Assistance/Research Instrument Time Technical Assistance/Research
LEAP Tomograph (Voltage Pulsing and Laser Pulsing) $65 $90 $300 $150
3DAP Tomograph $6 $90 $25 $150
Metallographic Saw $10 $90 $50 $150
Imago Electropointer $10 $90 $20 $150
Electropolisher $5 $90 $10 $150
PC Workstation (IVAS) $10 $90 $50 $150
Mac (ADAM/Apex/IVAS) $10 $90 $50 $150
Struers Tenupol $10 $90 $20 $150
General Consultation $90 $150

Consumables, Materials and One Time Costs

NU Sponsored Research (on CUFS) External Projects (not on CUFS)
Copper Crimps $2 $2
Microtip-array post $40 $40
Glass Cell $80 $80
CD-R $1 $1
DVD+/-R $2 $2
Jewel Cases $1 $1
Data Recovery Due to User Error $500 $500
Shipping of Media Varies Varies