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NUCAPT keeps all files on networked computers so that you are not dependent on any single facility workstation and so you can retrieve analyses remotely. Access is available in Cook Hall at Northwestern through Windows file sharing (SMB) & from anywhere via SFTP.


The following drives are available on NUCAPT PCs:

Mapped Drive Share location Description
H: \\arc\USERNAME Your home directory (where your analyzed data should go)
L: \\leap\data Where RHITs are stored
P: \\arc\public Shared files for the facility
S: \\leap\screenshots Screenshots on the LEAP computer


"Secure FTP" can be used from anywhere to retrieve data. This differs from FTP & not all FTP clients can access SFTP. Using SFTP ensures that your username/password and data are kept confidential. There are free clients for any platform.

Instructions to use the clients varies, but our site is at:

s (standard port 22, use the same user/pass you use to login to an analysis workstation).

(Shell access over SSH is not permitted for most users, but SCP is.)

Suggested Clients


You should have access to:

Directory Description
~ Your home directory (where your analyzed data should go)
/u1/public Shared files for the facility