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*Hit OK.
*Hit OK.
*Double check your reservation.
*Double check your reservation.
==Using iCal on OS X==
*File>New Calendar
*Right click on the new calendar and choose "subscribe"
*Paste "http://arc.nucapt.northwestern.edu/webdav/LEAP.ics" into URL field
*Login with you NUCAPT username and password.

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The LEAP Schedule is maintained on our web calendar.

If you already have a NUCAPT user account, you may reserve time on the LEAP using any iCal-compliant calendaring program. Mozilla Sunbird is installed on all NUCAPT PCs and is cross-platform, allowing you to install it on your PC. It is Free and Open Source.

Configuring Mozilla Sunbird

To configure Sunbird on your own machine or on a NUCAPT machine where it hasn't been setup:

  • Install Sunbird
  • Open Sunbird
  • Press Ctrl-O or select "Open Calendar File" from the "File" menu
  • Type "LEAP Schedule" into the "Calendar Name" box
  • Select a color to display the LEAP Schedule in
  • Type "http://arc.nucapt.northwestern.edu/webdav/LEAP.ics" into the "Remote Server URL" box
  • Select the checkbox to automatically publish your reservations to the server.
  • Login with your NUCAPT username and password.

Using Mozilla Sunbird

Once Sunbird has already been configured,

  • Confirm that the LEAP isn't scheduled for use when you want to use it.
  • Press the "New Event" button.
  • Write your name and any notes regarding your scheduling into the "Title" box
  • Select the Start and End Dates and Times for your reservation
  • Select "LEAP Schedule" from the "Calendar File" box.
  • Hit OK.
  • Double check your reservation.

Using iCal on OS X