Specimen Preparation

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NUCAPT has facilities to prepare metallic atom probe tips from bulk material in-house. Our rates are published. Northwestern's SPF in EPIC and the metallographic lab have additional sample preparation instruments. Please contact Dieter Isheim with any questions regarding sample preparation.

IsoMet 5000

NUCAPT's Buehler IsoMet 5000

The Buehler Isomet 5000 is a high speed precision saw capable of serial sectioning. It is used to cut tip blanks with a square cross-section from bulk material. Diamond and abrasive blades are available from the facility or you can bring your own blade (between 3" and 8" in diameter with a 1/2" arbor).

Notes on Basic Usage

These are not a substitute for training or the user manual, but only to serve as general reminders.

Use flanges properly
  • Log all instrument usage and ask for help if you need it.
  • Reset to hard home by holding down blue zero button
  • Please start with moderate rotation (~3000 rpm) and feed-through rates.
  • Correctly mount the blade between flanges (flat side of flange away from blade).
  • Dress diamond blades
  • Run with enough coolant
  • Clean the work area when done:
    • Remove both specimens and scrap
    • Use coolant hose to clean the saw
    • Reset to hard home and turn off

Electropolishing station


Simplex Electropointer

The Simplex Electropointer is a computer-controlled electropolishing station.