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On June 30, 2005, I finally received the IBM T43 2668-C2U which I orded for $1999 shipped on June 2 (thanks, Fatwallet. This wiki page will detail my installation experiences.


Protective Sleeve

I bought the Elecom ZeroShock 14" Black (WTM-ZSBI02BK). I got mine off of eBay from an honest seller who included a free camera case. There is a lot of wiggle room, but the fit is good enough. I still have a laptop bag which my mother gave me for Christmas 3 years ago, but wanted extra security this time around. The hinges of that laptop broke after a year of use. Fortunately, the T43 seems to have metal hinges!

Screen Protection

Another annoyance of my old laptop was that the screenn was scratched up, right under the logo, because of the keyboard. I bought the 14.1" ShaggyMac Black (SPaStd14). It is a good-enough fit & I feel like I didn't need to get a custom-fit (which they also supply).


I am keeping a win32 partition. It will be the first windows machine I have owned in the last couple of years, since I replaced the OS on my old laptop. I already paid the Windows Tax, want access to the IBM utilities, and fear eventual employment at some place that actually uses it.

  • Standard WinXP pre-install (but when did they come up with that annoying music?!)
  • Setup wireless networking (802.11g rocks!)
  • Windows Updates (and it actually managed to install all of them without requiring me reboots in-between installs!)
  • The Dead Pixel Detector test passed. Visited some web pages too, but this program was good enough & easy.
  • Created Product Recovery discs: Start->All Programs->Access IBM-->Create Recovery Discs
    • It took xx discs. I wish they'd just include a Windows CD.
  • Updates (Message Center->Preferences->"Get IBM Support messages for my computer", ALL categories, Every Day, Run when Windows starts->Check Messages Now->OK)
    • Man I wish you could maximize that window!
    • Note-I had no network the first time & you can only check once a day. But you can just set the clock 24 hours ahead)
    • Battery Maximizer (1.38 (2005/04/22))
    • Access Connections (3.71 (2005/03/30))
    • Software Installer
      • Audio Driver (2006/06/07)
      • Active Protection System (2006/06/07)
      • Easy Eject (2006/06/13)
      • Power Manager (2006/04/22)
      • Presentation Director (2006/06/13)
      • ThinkPad Configuration (2006/06/13)
      • ThinkPad Hotkey (2006/06/13)


IBM Thinkpad T42 FAQ (I used 0.21) ThinkWiki Product Updates