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  • A short video describes NUCAPT and the new data management and publication service, developed in collaboration with CHiMAD-MDF.
  • The new NUCAPT data server manager is online now and can be accessed at NUCAPT Data Server
  • Our LEAP tomograph has been upgraded in 2017 to a LEAP5000XS configuration (CAMECA), featuring a single-atom position-sensitive time-of-flight detector with approximately 80% detection efficiency, compared to 50% efficiency with our old LEAP4000 instrument before the upgrade.
  • Congratulations to both Divya Jain and Sumit Bhattacharya, on the successful defense of their thesis. Good luck, Doctors!
  • The Seidman Group welcomes Francesca Long, a first year graduate student in the department.
  • The Seidman Group welcomes visiting student Dong An from Southeast University.