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The figure displays a 3-D reconstruction of a Ni-6.24 Al-9.64 Cr at.% alloy aged at 873 K for 2 hours, which contains 72 million atoms and 1150 γ’-precipitates. The number density of precipitates is (7.15 ± 0.21) x 1023 m-3 , with an average radius of (1.11±0.26) nm and an average precipitate edge-to-edge spacing of (3.66±1.33) nm. The data was recorded employing a pulse repetition rate of 200 kHz, a pulse energy of 0.6 nJ, an effective pulse fraction of 20%, a specimen temperature of 40 K, and the target evaporation rate ranged from 0.2 to 7% over the length of the specimen. (Courtesy: Chris Booth-Morrison and Yang Zhou)