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TEM and three-dimensional Atom-Probe reconstruction of a Si nanowire catalyzed with Aluminum. This work was featured in [Nature] http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v496/n7443/full/nature11999.html.

Nature 2013 2.png

Structure and three-dimensional map of Al-catalysed Si nanowires. a, High-resolution cross-sectional TEMimage (left) displaying the interface between the catalyst particle and the nanowire. The right panel exhibits a close-up image of the interface (top), the fast Fourier transformof the image (middle), and the corresponding colour-filtered image (bottom, Al and Si regions correspond to red and blue regions, respectively) indicating that the interface is epitaxial. b, Three-dimensional APT atom-by-atom map of a nanowire grown at 410 uC. For the sake of clarity, only a limited number of atoms is displayed (2.53104 atoms of each element). Inset, a cross-sectional TEM image of an identical Si nanowire (scale bar, 40 nm). c, Si 50 at.% isoconcentration surface of an 80-nm-long segment of a nanowire determined by analysing a three-dimensional atom-probe tomographic reconstruction: left, side view; right, top view.