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This nugget was featured in Imago's March newsletter.
APT of a catalyst nanowire

Catalyst nanowire interface in three dimensions. (a) 1-nm-thick slices through the nanowire over the region defined by the white bar in b. The diameter of the slices is 10 nm. (b) A 14 × 14 × 23 nm3 reconstruction of an InAs nanowire tip showing Au catalyst particle at the top. (c) One-dimensional composition profile plotted along the growth axis and through the catalyst/nanowire interface. The plotted composition is a radially averaged value within a 4-nm-diameter cylinder centered in the middle of the nanowire. From Local-Electrode Atom-Probe tomography by Danny Perea which appears in Three-Dimensional Nanoscale Composition Mapping of Semiconductor Nanowires.