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Type Kolli, R. Prakash; Seidman, David N.
  Publication The temporal evolution of the decomposition of a concentrated multicomponent Fe-Cu based steel Volume Manuscript
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no NU @ m-krug @ 9834
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Kolli, R. Prakash; Mao, Zugang; Keane, D. T.; Seidman, David N. Identification of a Ni0.5(Al0.5-xMnx) B2 Phase at the Heterophase Interfaces of Cu-rich Precipitates in an a-Fe Matrix Journal Article 2007 Applied Physics Letters Accepted A phase with the stoichiometry Ni0.5(Al0.5-xMnx) is observed at heterophase interfaces of Cu-rich precipitates in an α-Fe matrix, utilizing atom-probe tomography. First-principles calculations are utilized to determine the substitutional energies, yielding E Mn →Ni = 0.916 eV atom-1 and E Mn →Al = −0.016 eV atom-1, indicating that the manganese atoms prefer substituting at Al sub- lattice sites instead of Ni-sites. A synchrotron radiation experiment demonstrates that the identified phase possesses the B2 structure. no NU @ karnesky @ 9945
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