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Type Darling, K.A.; VanLeeuwen, B.K.; Semones, J.E.; Koch, C.C.; Scattergood, R.O.; Kecskes, L.J.; Mathaudhu, S.N.
  Publication Stabilized Nanocrystalline Iron-based Alloys: Guiding Efforts in Alloy Selection Volume (down) Journal Article
Pages 2011
  Abstract Materials Science and Engineering: A  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher In Press  
Editor Accepted Manuscript
  Summary Language Series Editor Mechanical Alloying; Grain Growth; Interfaces; Recrystallization and Nanostructured Materials  
Abbreviated Series Title Using a modified regular solution model for grain boundary solute segregation, the relative thermal stability of a number of Fe-based nanocrystalline binary alloys was predicted with considerable accuracy. It was found that nanocrystalline iron was strongly stabilized by zirconium, moderately stabilized by tantalum, and not significantly stabilized by nickel or chromium. These findings are fully in line with the aforementioned predictions. This success with iron based alloys highlights the utility of this practical approach to selecting stabilizing solutes for nanocrystalline alloys.
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0921-5093 no NU @ karnesky @ 11038
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