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Type Harada, Y.; Dunand, D.C.
  Publication Microstructure of Al[sub:3]Sc with ternary rare-earth additions Volume Journal Article
Pages 2009
  Abstract Intermetallics  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 17  
Editor 1-2
  Summary Language 17-24 Series Editor Al-Sc; Trialuminides; Rare-earth intermetallics; Solid-solution hardening; Microstructure; Diffraction  
Abbreviated Series Title The microstructure of ternary L12-Al3(Sc1-yREy) intermetallics, where RE is one of the rare-earth elements selected from five light (La, Ce, Nd, Sm or Eu) or two heavy lanthanoids (Yb or Lu), was investigated as a function of RE concentration for 0.02 <= y <= 0.75. Alloys with light RE show two phases: L12-Al3(Sc,RE) and D019-Al3(RE,Sc) (or C11b-Al4(Eu,Sc)). Alloys with heavy RE exhibit a single L12-Al3(Sc,RE) phase. The maximum RE solubility in the L12 phase is very low (<0.4 at.%) for La, Ce, Nd and Eu, low (3.2 at.%) for Sm and complete solid-solution for Yb and Lu. Both lattice parameter and hardness of the L12-Al3(Sc,RE) phases increase linearly with Sm, Yb or Lu concentration, and the magnitude of both effects correlates with the atomic size mismatch between Sc and RE.
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