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Type Booth-Morrison, Christopher; Zhou, Yang; Noebe, Ronald D.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication On the nanometer scale phase decompositon of a low-supersaturation Ni-Al-Cr alloy Volume Journal Article
Pages 2010
  Abstract Philosophical Magazine  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 90  
Editor 1-4
  Summary Language 219-235 Series Editor nickel-based superalloy; phase decomposition; atom probe tomography; temporal evolution; nanostructure  
Abbreviated Series Title The phase separation of a Ni–6.5 Al–9.5 Cr at. % alloy aged at 873K was studied by atom-probe tomography and compared to the predictions of classical precipitation models. Phase separation in this alloy occurs in four distinct regimes: (i) quasi-stationary-state γ'(L12)-precipitate nucleation; (ii) concomitant precipitate nucleation, growth and coagulation and coalescence; (iii) concurrent growth and coarsening, wherein coarsening occurs via both γ'-precipitate coagulation and coalescence and by the classical evaporation–condensation mechanism; and (iv) quasi-stationary state coarsening of γ'-precipitates, once the equilibrium volume fraction of precipitates is achieved. The predictions of classical nucleation and growth models are not validated experimentally, likely due to the complexity of the atomistic kinetic pathways involved in precipitation. During coarsening, the temporal evolution of the [gamma']-precipitate average radius, number density and the γ (fcc)-matrix and γ'-precipitate supersaturations follow the predictions of classical models.
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