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Title Juraszek, J.; Grenier, A.; Teillet, J.; Cadel, E.; Tiercelin, N.; Monnet, I.; Toulemonde, M.
Year Atom probe tomography of swift ion irradiated multilayers
Abbreviated Journal Journal Article
Issue 2009 Keywords Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Thesis 267
Place of Publication 6 Language 912-916
Original Title Ion beam mixing; atom probe tomography; multilayers; swift ion irradiation
Series Title Nanometer scale layered systems are well suited to investigate atomic transport processes induced by high-energy electronic excitations in materials, through the characterization of the interface transformation. In this study, we used the atom probe technique to determine the distribution of the different elements in a (amorphous-Fe2Tb 5 nm/hcp-Co 3 nm)20 multilayer before and after irradiation with Pb ions in the electronic stopping power regime. Atom probe tomography is based on reconstruction of a small volume of a sharp tip evaporated by field effect. It has unique capabilities to characterize internal interfaces and layer chemistry with sub-nanometer scale resolution in three dimensions. Depth composition profiles and 3D element mapping have been determined, evidencing for asymmetric interfaces in the as-deposited sample, and very efficient Fe-Co intermixing after irradiation at the fluence 7×1012 ion cm-2. Estimation of effective atomic diffusion coefficients after irradiation suggests that mixing results from interdiffusion in a molten track across the interface in agreement with the thermal spike model. Series Volume
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0168-583x no NU @ karnesky @ 10581
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