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Title van Dalen, Marsha E.; Karnesky, Richard A.; Cabotaje, Joseph R.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N.
Year Erbium and Ytterbium Solubilities and Diffusivities in Aluminum as Determined by Nanoscale Characterization of Precipitates
Abbreviated Journal (down) Journal Article
Issue 2009 Keywords Acta Materialia
Address Acta Mater.
Thesis 57
Place of Publication 14 Language 4081-4089
Original Title Aluminum alloys; Rare-earth elements; Diffusion; Precipitation; Coarsening; Al-Er; Al-Yb
Series Title Binary aluminum alloys with 0.03-0.06 at.% RE (RE = Yb or Er) were aged to produce coherent, nanosize Al[sub:3]RE precipitates in an [alpha]-Al matrix. The temporal evolution of precipitate radii and matrix concentrations at 300 °C are measured by transmission electron microscopy and localelectrode atom-probe tomography, respectively. The temporal dependence of the matrix concentration of each RE is utilized to determine its solubility in Al. The solubility as well as the coarsening rate constants are used to determine the diffusivity of each RE in [alpha]-Al and the [alpha]-Al/Al[sub:3]RE interfacial free energies at 300 °C. When compared to Sc, both Yb and Er exhibit smaller solubilities but larger diffusivities in [alpha]-Al and larger [alpha]-Al/Al[sub:3]RE interfacial energies. Series Volume
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