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Title Causey, Rion A.; Karnesky, Richard A.; San Marchi, Chris
Year Tritium Barriers and Tritium Diffusion in Fusion Reactors
Abbreviated Journal Book Chapter
Issue 2012 Keywords Comprehensive Nuclear Materials
Thesis 4.16
Place of Publication Language 511-549
Original Title arriers, carbides, deuterium, diffusion, first wall materials, fusion, hydrogen, metals, nitrides, oxides, permeation, recombination, solubility, structural materials, tritium
Series Title Tritium and deuterium induce radiation in reactor materials and some radioactive tritium gas may be released. Most of the materials used in fusion reactors are metals that have relatively high permeabilities for tritium. The fusion community has been working on barriers to minimize tritium release. Unfortunately, most barrier materials work very well during laboratory experiments, but fail to meet requirements when placed in radiation environments. This chapter presents tritium permeation characteristics of various materials used in fusion reactors, including plasma-facing, structural, and barrier materials. The necessary parameters for tritium release calculations for various regions of a fusion reactor are given. Series Volume
ISBN Area Elsevier
Conference Amsterdam
Approved Konings, Rudy J. M.; Stoller, Roger. E.
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