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Type Knipling, Keith E.; Karnesky, Richard A.; Lee, Constance P.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Precipitation Evolution in Al-0.1Sc, Al-0.1Zr, and Al-0.1Sc-0.1Zr (at.%) Alloys during Isochronal Aging Volume Journal Article
Pages 2010
  Abstract Acta Materialia  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 58  
Editor 15
  Summary Language 5184-5195 Series Editor Aluminum alloys, Precipitation, Scandium, Zirconium, Atom-probe tomography; Al-Sc-Zr  
Abbreviated Series Title Precipitation strengthening is investigated in binary Al-0.1Sc, Al-0.1Zr, and ternary Al-0.1Sc-0.1Zr (at.%) alloys aged isochronally between 200 and 600 °C. A pronounced synergistic effect is observed when both Sc and Zr are present. Above 325 °C, where peak microhardness (670 MPa) occurs in the binary Al-Sc alloy due to Al3Sc (L12) nanometer-scale precipitates, Zr additions result in a secondary increase in strength due to additional precipitation of Zr-enriched outer shells onto these precipitates. The ternary alloy reaches a peak microhardness of 780 MPa at 400 °C, delaying overaging by >100 °C compared with the binary Al-Sc alloy and increasing strength compared with the binary Al-Zr alloy (peak microhardness of 420 MPa at 425450 °C). Compositions, radii, volume fractions, and number densities of the Al3(Sc1-xZrx) precipitates are measured directly using atom-probe tomography. This information is used to quantify the observed strengthening increments, attributed to dislocation shearing of the Al3(Sc1-xZrx) precipitates.
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