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Type Venkateswarlu, K.; Rajinikanth, V.; Ray, Ajoy Kumar; Xu, Cheng; Langdon, Terence G.
  Publication The characteristics of aluminum-scandium alloys processed by ECAP Volume Journal Article
Pages 2010
  Abstract Materials Science and Engineering: A  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 527  
Editor 6
  Summary Language 1448-1452 Series Editor Aluminum alloys; Equal-channel angular pressing; Scandium; Tensile testing; Ultrafine grains  
Abbreviated Series Title Aluminum-scandium alloys were prepared having different scandium additions of 0.2, 1.0 and 2.0wt.% and these alloys were processed by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) at 473K. The results show the grain refinement of the aluminum matrix and the morphology of the Al3Sc precipitates depends strongly on the scandium concentration. The tensile properties were evaluated after ECAP by pulling to failure at initial strain rates from 1.010-3 to 1.010-1s-1. The Al-1% Sc alloy exhibited the highest tensile strength of ~250MPa at a strain rate of 1.010-1s-1. This alloy also exhibited a superior grain refinement of ~0.4μm after ECAP where this is attributed to a smaller initial grain size and an optimum volume fraction of dispersed Al3Sc precipitates having both micrometer and nanometer sizes.
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0921-5093 no NU @ karnesky @ 10711
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