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Type Beeri, Ofer; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Role of Impurities on Precipitation Kinetics of Dilute Al-Sc alloys Volume Journal Article
Pages 2010
  Abstract Materials Science and Engineering A  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 527  
Editor 15
  Summary Language 3501-3509 Series Editor Dilute aluminum alloys, Scandium, Precipitation, Impurities, Atom Probe; Al-Sc  
Abbreviated Series Title High purity (HP) aluminum and commercial purity (CP) aluminum (major impurities: ~250 at. ppm Si and ~130 at. ppm Fe) are alloyed with ~250 to ~1100 at. ppm Sc and ~50 at. ppm RE (RE = La, Ce, Pr, or Nd). The alloys are homogenized at 640 C and aged at 300 C. The precipitation kinetics, basic mechanical properties, and microstructure are studied using AC electrical conductivity, microhardness measurements, scanning electron microscopy in conjunction with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, and atom-probe tomography, respectively. The Fe and RE elements form micrometer-scale diameter Al~3(Fe,RE) primary precipitates, which have no effect on the mechanical properties. Silicon accelerates the precipitation kinetics of nanometer-scale diameter Al3Sc precipitates, increasing their number density, thereby resulting in a higher microhardness values for CP aluminum than the HP aluminum having the same Sc concentration. Additionally, the Sc equilibrium solubility in the -Al matrix is estimated and Orowan's strengthening mechanism is confirmed for the Al3Sc precipitates.
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