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Title Kolasinski, R. D.; Whaley, J. A.; Karnesky, R. A.; San Marchi, C.; Bastasz. R.
Year Characterization of the Ne-Al scattering potential using low energy ion scattering maps
Abbreviated Journal Conference Article
Issue 2010 Keywords Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B
Thesis 269
Place of Publication 11 Language (up) 1229-1233
Original Title scattering, channeling, ion-surface interactions, LEIS, aluminum
Series Title In this study, we examine the scattering of inert-gas ions from Al(111) using low energy ion scattering (LEIS). These techniques, because of their high surface specificity, provide structural and compositional information from the first atomic layer of the surface and can be used to determine the configuration of low-Z adsorbates. Extracting structural information embedded in LEIS data presents many challenges, given the complex collision processes which ultimately contribute to the detected scattering and recoil signals. To aid in the interpretation of these data, we map scattered Ne+ ion signals over a wide range of crystal orientations with respect to the incident beam in order to investigate a variety of scattering geometries. The signals are also simulated using a modified version of the MARLOWE binary collision code and related to the surface structure. We make quantitative comparisons between the simulated results and the experimental data using reliability factors, and are able to show how the interatomic potential can be calibrated. Series Volume
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