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Type Krug, Matthew E.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Effects of Li additions on precipitation-strengthened Al-Sc and Al-Sc-Yb alloys Volume Journal Article
Pages 2011
  Abstract Acta Materialia  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 59  
  Summary Language 1700-1715 Series Editor aluminium alloys, atom-probe field-ion microscopy (AP-FIM), rare earth, nanostructure, precipitation; Al-Sc  
Abbreviated Series Title Two Al-Sc based alloys (Al-0.12 Sc and Al-0.042 Sc-0.009 Yb, at. %) and their counterparts with Li-additions (Al-2.9 Li-0.11 Sc and Al-5.53 Li-0.048 Sc-0.009 Yb, at. %) are aged at 325 °C. For both base alloys, the addition of Li results in greater peak hardness from incorporation of Li in the L12-structured alpha'ľAl3(Sc,Li) and alpha'ľAl3(Sc,Li,Yb) precipitates, and a concomitant increase in number density and volume fraction of the precipitates and a reduction in their mean radius. These changes result from a combination of (i) an increase in the driving force for precipitate nucleation due to Li, (ii) a decrease in the elastic energy of the coherent misfitting precipitates from a decrease in their lattice parameter mismatch due to their Li content, and (iii) a decrease in the interfacial free energy, as determined from measurements of relative Gibbsian interfacial excess of Li. In Al-2.9 Li- 0.11 Sc (at. %), the Li content of the precipitates drops from 9.1 at. % in the peak-aged state (8 h) to 5.7 at. % in the overaged state (1536 h). As a result, the precipitate volume fraction decreases from 0.56% at peak-age to 0.45% at 1536 h. In Al-5.53 Li-0.048 Sc-0.009 Yb (at. %), the relatively limited Li concentration produces only a small increase in Vickers microhardness from precipitation of metastable delta'ľAl3Li upon a second aging at 170 °C following the primary aging at 325 °C.
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