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Type Larson, D.J.; Geiser, B.P.; Prosa, T.J.; Gerstl, S.S.A.; Reinhard, D.A.; Kelly, T.F.
  Publication Improvements in planar feature reconstructions in atom probe tomography Volume Journal Article
Pages 2011
  Abstract Journal of Microscopy  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 243  
Editor 1
  Summary Language 15-30 Series Editor Atom probe microscopy; data analysis; reconstruction  
Abbreviated Series Title Summary Standard atom probe tomography spatial reconstruction techniques have been reasonably successful in reproducing single crystal datasets. However, artefacts persist in the reconstructions that can be attributed to the incorrect assumption of a spherical evaporation surface. Using simulated and experimental field evaporation, we examine the expected shape of the evaporating surface and propose the use of a variable point projection position to mitigate to some degree these reconstruction artefacts. We show initial results from an implementation of a variable projection position, illustrating the effect on simulated and experimental data, while still maintaining a spherical projection surface. Specimen shapes during evaporation of model structures with interfaces between regions of low- and high-evaporation-field material are presented. Use of two-and three-dimensional projection-point maps in the reconstruction of more complicated datasets is discussed.
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  Expedition Blackwell Publishing Ltd Notes  
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1365-2818 no NU @ karnesky @ 10992
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