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Type Seol, J.; Lim, N.; Lee, B.; Renaud, L.; Park, C.
  Publication Atom probe tomography and nano secondary ion mass spectroscopy investigation of the segregation of boron at austenite grain boundaries in 0.5 wt.% carbon steels Volume Journal Article
Pages 2011
  Abstract Metals and Materials International  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 17  
Editor 3
  Summary Language (up) 413-416 Series Editor Metallic Materials  
Abbreviated Series Title The grain boundary segregation of boron atoms in high strength low alloy steels containing 50 ppm boron was accomplished using atom probe tomography (APT) and nano-beam secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS). The formation of boro-carbides under an excessive addition of boron to the steels was identified through the SIMS and TEM. The APT was performed in order to evaluate the composition of the alloying elements, such as, boron and carbon, segregated at prior austenite grain boundaries. The boron contents at the prior austenite grain boundaries were approximately 1.7 ± 0.2 at.%, which was approximately 70 times more than the amount of boron added to the steels.
  Series Issue ISSN  
  Expedition The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, co-published with Springer Netherlands Notes  
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1598-9623 no NU @ karnesky @ 11171
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