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Type Rogozhkin, S.; Aleev, A.; Zaluzhnyi, A.; Kuibida, R.; Kulevoi, T.; Nikitin, A.; Orlov, N.; Chalykh, B.; Shishmarev, V.
  Publication Effect of irradiation by heavy ions on the nanostructure of perspective materials for nuclear power plants Volume Journal Article
Pages 2012
  Abstract The Physics of Metals and Metallography  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 113  
Editor 2
  Summary Language 200-211 Series Editor Chemistry and Materials Science  
Abbreviated Series Title An imitation experimental technique on the irradiation with heavy ions of structural materials of nuclear power plants using tomographic atom probe analysis has been elaborated. The scheme of irradiation of specimens for atom probe analysis has been realized on a MEVVA ion source of an TIPr accelerator (ITEP) with ion energy 75 keV per charge. Test experiments with irradiation and analysis of samples of the EK-181 steel by aluminum ions to a fluence of ~2 × 10 15 ion/cm 2 have been performed. Experiments on the Fe-ion irradiation of the samples of ODS EUROFER perspective steel for fission and fusion reactors to different damaging doses have been carried out. The analysis of distribution of different chemical elements in the volumes tested has revealed that under ion irradiation a change in the composition of nanosized clusters, which are present in the initial material takes place. Comparison of the data obtained with the results of reactor irradiation of the ODS EUROFER steel has been carried out. These data testify a correspondence between nanoscale changes in the steels oxide dispersion strengthened in imitation experiments and under the conditions of reactor irradiation.
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  Expedition MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica distributed exclusively by Springer Science+Business Media LLC. Notes  
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0031-918x no NU @ karnesky @ 11334
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