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Type Isheim, Dieter; Kaszpurenko, Jason; Yu, Dong; Mao, Zugang; Seidman, David N.; Arslan, Ilke
  Publication 3-D Atomic-Scale Mapping of Manganese Dopants in Lead Sulfide Nanowires Volume Journal Article
Pages 2012
  Abstract J. Phys. Chem. C  
  Corporate Author The Journal of Physical Chemistry C  
Publisher 116  
Editor 11
  Summary Language 6595-6600 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title Dopants in nanowires, whether intentional or unintentional, can ultimately control the material?s properties and, therefore, need to be understood on the atomic scale. We study vapor?liquid?solid grown manganese-doped lead sulfide nanowires by atom-probe tomography for the first time for lead salt materials. The three-dimensional chemical concentration maps at the atomic scale demonstrate a radial distribution profile of Mn ions, with a concentration of only 0.18 and 0.01 at. % for MnCl2 and Mn-acetate precursors, respectively. The ability to characterize these small concentrations of dopant atoms in Pb1?xMnxS nanowires (x = 0.0036 and 0.0002), important for spintronic and thermoelectric devices, sets a platform for similar analyses for all nanostructures. First-principles calculations confirm that Mn atoms substitute for Pb in the PbS structure.
  Series Issue ISSN  
  Expedition American Chemical Society Notes  
Call Number  
Contribution Id  
Serial URL ISBN  
1932-7447 doi: 10.1021/jp300162t no NU @ karnesky @ 11346
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