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Type Chad M Eichfeld and Stephan S A Gerstl and Ty Prosa and Yue Ke and Joan M Redwing and Suzanne E Mohney
  Publication Local electrode atom probe analysis of silicon nanowires grown with an aluminum catalyst Volume Journal Article
Pages 2012
  Abstract Nanotechnology  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 23  
Editor 21
  Summary Language 215205 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title Local electrode atom probe (LEAP) tomography of Al-catalyzed silicon nanowires synthesized by the vapor-liquid-solid method is presented. The concentration of Al within the Al-catalyzed nanowire was found to be 2 × 10 20 cm -3 , which is higher than the expected solubility limit for Al in Si at the nanowire growth temperature of 550 °C. Reconstructions of the Al contained within the nanowire indicate a denuded region adjacent to the Al catalyst/Si nanowire interface, while Al clusters are distributed throughout the rest of the silicon nanowire.
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0957-4484 no NU @ karnesky @ 11353
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