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Type Lawrence, S.K.; Somerday, B.P.; Karnesky, R.A.
  Publication Elastic Property Dependence on Mobile and Trapped Hydrogen in Ni-201 Volume Journal Article
Pages 2017
  Abstract JOM  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 69  
Editor 1
  Summary Language 45-50 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title Enhanced dislocation processes can accompany decohesion mechanisms during hydrogen degradation of ductile structural metals. However, hydrogen-deformation interactions and the role of defects in degradation processes remain poorly understood. In the current study, nanoindentation within specifically oriented grains in as-received, hydrogen-charged, aged, and hydrogen re-charged conditions revealed a “hysteresis” of indentation modulus, while the indentation hardness varied minimally. Thermal pre-charging with approximately 2000 appm hydrogen decreases the indentation modulus by 20%, aging leads to a slight recovery, but re-charging drives the modulus back down to values similar to those measured in the hydrogen-charged condition. This “hysteresis” indicates that dissolved interstitial hydrogen is not solely responsible for mechanical property alterations; hydrogen trapped at defects also contributes to elastic property variation.
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1047-4838, 1543-1851 no NU @ karnesky @ lawrence_elastic_2017 11516
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