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Type Han, S. Z.; Rho, B. S.; Lee, H. M.; Choi, S. K.
  Publication Effect of Alloyed Ti:Zr ratio on Phase Stability of Al$_{66}$Mn$_9$(Ti,Zr)$_{25}$ Intermetallic Compounds Volume Journal Article
Pages 1996
  Abstract Intermetallics  
  Corporate Author  
Publisher 4  
Editor 3
  Summary Language 245-249 Series Editor hardness phase stability compositional variation effects zirconium trialuminides l12 compounds cubic phases al3ti deformation behavior do22 al66ti25mn9 strength systems  
Abbreviated Series Title The tetragonal Al-3(Ti1-xZrx) phase is transformed by the addition of 9% Mn to the cubic L1(2)-type Al66Mn9(Ti1-xZrx)(25) with a small amount of second phases such as Al8Mn5 and Al2Zr still existing in the as-cast condition. Second phases disappear when intermetallic compounds are homogenized at 1000 degrees C for 24 h, and alloys are of the monolithic L1(2) phase with compositional variations still existent. The combined addition of Ti and Zr is found to reduce the hardness of intermetallic alloys compared to the addition of Ti or Zr alone. The Al66Mn9(Ti, Zr)(25) phase is found to be structurally stable but compositionally unstable.
  Series Issue Korea Adv Inst Sci & Technol,Dept Mat Sci & Engn,Taejon 305701,South Korea ISSN  
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Times Cited: 3 Article English Cited References Count: 22 Tx119 refbase @ user 1171
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