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Type Sebastian, Jason T.
  Publication Nanoscale Studies of Segregation at Ceramic/Metal Interfaces Volume Book Whole
Pages 2004
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  Summary Language 250 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title Three-dimensional atom-probe (3DAP) microscopy has been applied to the study of segregation at ceramic/metal interfaces. In particular, the proximity histogram (proxigram) method has been implemented to extract the relative Gibbsian interfacial excess of solute from the 3DAP reconstructions directly, without recourse to external standards. Four systems have been studied—the MgO/Cu(X) (X = Ag or Sb) systems, the CdO/Ag(Au) system, and the MnO/Ag(Sb) system. For all four systems, the relative Gibbsian interfacial excess of solute at the ceramic/metal interface is determined, and trends in this value for the different systems are discussed. The observed trends for segregation imply that the driving force for solute segregation at these ceramic/metal interfaces is not due solely to a release of elastic energy associated with the segregating solute atoms. In the case of the MnO/Ag(Sb) system, the nanoscale temporal evolution of the oxide MnO precipitates as a function of specimen heat treatment is discussed. The observations have important implications for understanding the earliest stages of nucleation and growth of metal oxide precipitates created by internal oxidation.
  Series Issue ISSN Northwestern University  
Medium Ph.D. thesis
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