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Type Mao, Zugang; Sudbrack, Chantal K.; Yoon, Kevin E.; Martin, Georges; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Impact of vacancy diffusion on the early decomposition stages of alloys Volume Journal Article
Pages 2005
  Abstract Nature  
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Publisher To be submitted  
  Summary Language 36 Series Editor  
Abbreviated Series Title The kinetic pathway for nucleation and growth is commonly thought to be dictated by the initial supersaturation of solutes in the solid solution undergoing phase separation. We demonstrate that the details of the diffusion mechanism, in the solid solution affect deeply the early stage morphologies of precipitates. Our argument is based on a combined use of atomic-scale observations, with atom-probe tomography (APT) and lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of a Ni(Al,Cr) alloy. By an optimized choice of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters we first reproduce the experimental APT observations. We then modify only the long-range vacancy-solute binding energy, without altering the thermodynamic driving force for phase separation, thereby demonstrating that the microstructural evolution changes from a coagulation to an evaporation-condensation coalescence mechanism. The changes can only be accounted for with nonzero values for the vacancychemical potential and off-diagonal terms of the Onsager matrix, at variance with classical models.
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