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Title Karnesky, Richard A.; Meng, Liang; Dunand, David C.
Year Strengthening Mechanisms in Aluminum Containing Coherent Al[sub:3]Sc Precipitates and Incoherent Al[sub:2]O[sub:3] Dispersoids
Abbreviated Journal (up) Journal Article
Issue 2007 Keywords Acta Materialia
Address Acta Mater.
Thesis 55
Place of Publication 4 Language 1299-1308
Original Title Metal Matrix Composites; Precipitation; Aluminium Alloys; Creep; Zirconium; Al-Sc
Series Title Dispersion-strengthened-cast aluminum (DSC-Al), consisting of a coarse-grained aluminum matrix containing two populations of particles (30 vol.% of 300 nm Al[sub:2]O[sub:3] incoherent dispersoids and 0.2-0.3 vol.% of 6-60 nm coherent Al[sub:3]Sc precipitates), was studied. At ambient and elevated temperatures, both populations of particles contribute to strengthening. At 300 °C, creep threshold stresses are considerably higher than for control materials with a single population of either Al[sub:2]O[sub:3] dispersoids or Al[sub:3]Sc precipitates. This synergistic effect is modeled by considering dislocations pinned at the departure side of incoherent Al[sub:2]O[sub:3] dispersoids (detachment model) and simultaneously subjected to elastic interactions from neighboring coherent Al[sub:3Sc precipitates. Series Volume
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