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Title Üstündag, E.; Karnesky, R. A.; Daymond, M. R.; Noyan, I. C.
Year Dynamical diffraction peak splitting in time-of-flight neutron diffraction
Abbreviated Journal Journal Article
Issue 2006 Keywords Applied Physics Letters
Address Appl. Phys. Lett.
Thesis 89
Place of Publication 23 Language 233515:1-3
Original Title
Series Title Time-of-flight neutron diffraction data from 20 and 0.7 mm thick perfect Si single crystal samples, which exhibit dynamical diffraction effects associated with finite crystal size, are presented. This effect is caused by constructive interference occurring solely from thin layers bounded by the front (entry) and back (exit) surfaces of the sample with no scattering originating from the layers in between, resulting in two distinct peaks observed for each reflection. If the sample is thin and/or the instrument resolution is insufficient, these two peaks can convolve and cause peak shape aberrations which can lead to significant errors in the strain and peak-broadening parameters obtained from a kinematical diffraction analysis. Series Volume
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