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Type Knipling, Keith E.; Dunand, David C.; Seidman, David N.
  Publication Precipitation evolution in Al-Zr and Al-Zr-Ti alloys during isothermal aging at 375-425 C Volume Journal Article
Pages 2008
  Abstract Acta Materialia  
  Corporate Author Acta Mater.  
Publisher 56  
Editor 1
  Summary Language 114-127 Series Editor Aluminum alloys, Zirconium, Titanium, Precipitation strengthening, Coarsening; Al-Zr-Ti; Al-Zr  
Abbreviated Series Title Formation of Al3Zr or Al3(Zr1Àx Tix) precipitates with a metastable L12 structure was investigated in conventionally solidified A1–0.1 Zr, Al–0.2 Zr, Al–0.1 Zr–0.1 Ti, and Al–0.2 Zr–0.2 Ti (at.%) alloys aged isothermally at 375, 400, or 425 °C. Pronounced hardening results from nanometer-scale, spheroidal Al3Zr or Al3(Zr1ÀxTix) (L12) precipitates within solute-enriched dendrites. Interdendritic regions contain a significantly lower number density of coarser cauliflower-, rod- and plate-shaped precipitates with the L12 structure. Neither the magnitude of the peak-aged hardness, nor the subsequent loss in hardness due to overaging, is affected by ternary additions of Ti. After extended aging times (1600 h) at 425 °C, there is no difference in the mean precipitate radii of spheroidal Al3Zr or Al3(Zr1ÀxTix) precipitates, confirming that Ti additions do not improve the coarsening resistance. Comparison with prior coarsening studies on Al3Zr, and Al3(Zr1ÀxVx), Al3(Zr1ÀxTix) and Al3(Zr1ÀxÀyVxTiy) (L12) precipitates at 425 °C confirms the lack of an effect from ternary alloying additions.
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no NU @ karnesky @ 1909
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